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WEEK OF 4.9.18


STICKY SOUR ALE / Originally released for San Francisco Beer Week 2015, dry-hopped with Comet and Citra, this sour golden ale is dripping with tropical fruit notes and a sour dry finish.
4.8% abv 


SOUR FARMHOUSE ALE / Spontanously fermented farmhouse style ale; fruity apricot aroma                                                             with light funky notes and sour dry finish.
4.7% abv


GOLD RIDGE LAGER / Unfiltered golden farmhouse lager. Crisp and clean with pilsner malt aromas; a true farmer’s beer.
4.8% abv


REMOTE OPERATOR / Classic American style pale brewed with Comet, Mosaic, and Centennial hops. Intense aromas of pineapple and guava with dank undertones and clean sessionable finish. 

5.2% abv


BOHEMIAN NECTAR / A classic saison at the core featuring Belgian Pils and a touch of wheat malt. We then layer a series of dry hopping additions to create a juicy tropical nose, ending with a crisp and refreshing finish. Sunshine in a glass!.

6.2% abv


THE HEADY HOG / Brewed with a touch of beechwood smoked malt, this offering brews new life into what an Abbey Inspired Quad can be. It's as rich & decadent as its Belgian forebears but married to some unique California West Coast twists.

10.4% abv


MORNING SELFIE / Black Lager infused with some killer cold brew from our neighbors across the street at
Taylor Maid.  With well-rounded coffee notes, this beer has quickly risen to the top as one of our favorites.   
5.5% abv


NEOLITHIC  / American Black Ale featuring a copious amounts of Rye Malt (nearly 200lbs) lending an earthy backbone to this Cascadian inspired beer. Thick tan head, notes of bakers chocolate up front, a firm hop bitterness and a long finish of roast and Columbus hops. (Not a stout, not a porter)

7.4% abv


BENDING SPACE & TIME / As mysterious, intriguing and beguiling as the name suggests. This Imperial Stout is loaded with rich notes of roasted chocolate set against dark fruity undertones. Fermented with our house Belgian yeast for a decadent profile, blurring the lines between your first sip and the last.

9.8% abv

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